Space Advisory Company offers comprehensive services specialists in:

  • Specialist Consulting and Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Digital, AOCS, Mechanical, Power, Communications
  • Payloads (Optical/SAR)
  • SMART User/Buyer support
  • Satellite Mission & Constellation
  • Independent Program Review
  • Training (in partnership with Satellite Engineering Academy)

System Integration Support

Space Advisory Company offers system integration support which includes:

  • Mission analysis, design, optimisation studies and advice for small-satellite programmes (Optical, SAR and small geosynchronous communication)
  • Complete or partial system integration for small satellite systems
  • Independent / objective consulting

Development of Small Satellite Systems

Space Advisory Company is specialised in the development of small satellite systems which include:

  • Complete satellite life cycle design through relevant space systems engineering built on multifaceted space hardware development and acquisition programs
  • Facilitate initiation, conceptualisation and commercialisation of new aerospace initiatives and projects through partnerships and industry knowledge and relationships, access to development funding, experience and proven innovative processes
  • De-risking of designs for space environment

What Our Clients Can Expect

Space Advisory Company strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. We provide a range of innovative services including the implementation of tailored Programme Management and Systems Engineering processes, practices and tools, tailored to suit individual client needs, in terms of quality requirements and financial constraints.

We encourage our clients to actively participate throughout a program as this contributes towards the successful implementation of projects.

Dedicated operational support, technical training and assistance to the client for the entire life cycle of each satellite.

Appropriate levels of technology transfer and infrastructure establishment can also be accommodated.