Lightweight High Resolution (1m) Satellite

Designed by Space Advisory Company, the SCS100 is a lightweight high performance microsatellite that provides 1m resolution panchromatic and
4m resolution multispectral push-broom imaging. Its unique configuration has been designed to be
launched as part of a multi-satellite constellation with up to 15 satellites being launched to sun
synchronous orbit on a single small-medium class launch vehicle. When forming part of a dedicated
constellation, it can provide near-continuous coverage of any sub-polar point on the globe during
daytime hours making it an ideal system for monitoring change. It will perform equally well as a single
asset for national or global remote sensing.

The SCS100 imaging payload is a Cassegrain reflecting telescope based on a heritage flight proven
design. The resolution and spectral bands chosen enable disaster management, city planning and
border, maritime, environment and infrastructure monitoring. The payload has been optimised to
support large off-nadir imaging angles enabling rapid revisit times.