The SCS Chameleon is a compact yet powerful CubeSat imager that provides:

  • wide-swath multispectral imaging
  • moderate spatial resolution
  • visible, red-edge and near-infra red coverage

The Chameleon camera consists of high performance optics, image plane, control electronics and an integrated high speed buffer. The whole unit fits within a 10 x 10 x 20 cm envelope, making the Chameleon camera an ideal payload for small microsatellites and larger CubeSats.

A central feature of the Chameleon camera is that its spectral channels can easily be customized to each user’s individual needs. Up to eight distinct spectral bands may be defined and customized to your mission.

Advances in optics, detectors and high speed data capture allow Chameleon to establish a new benchmark for cost-effective performance vs mass. These advances combine to create a camera offering unprecedented capability in the CubeSat and microsatellite industry.