Space Advisory Company Products


The Space Advisory Company team has contributed in leading roles on a number of South African and international satellite missions. The core of the experience dates back to the South African technology demonstration satellites and the optical payloads on the satellites Sunsat and Sumbandilasat.

Our experienced team has since applied their skills in support of a number of international operational small satellite missions that are based on a number of different technology bases.

Amongst the latest project being worked on is the new South African operational earth observation satellite and the recently launched nSight-1 nanosatellite.


Gecko Imager


The Gecko imager is an easy-to-integrate imaging solution for your CubeSat mission. A customizable high performance mass storage unit is integrated into the compact design.

Chameleon Imager


The Chameleon imager maximises the capability of small form factor EO CubeSats. The imager is optimised to fit within industry standard CubeSat deployers while retaining maximum volume to accommodate the functionality required for your high-performance CubeSat mission.

Tegu Imager


The Tegu Imager family consist of high performance cost-effective multispectral high-resolution payloads using advanced sensors and optics with space heritage.



The Phoenix-20 Hyperspectral (HS) satellite imaging system optimally addresses the general requirements of spectral identification (spectral fingerprinting) through global coverage and reducing the total cost of ownership.



The μSTAR satellite system is a lightweight, novel radar imaging satellite designed for constellation in C-band. This system will enable an all-weather day/night earth observation satellite capability anywhere on the globe.



FalconSAR is the lean and compact variant of the DragonSAR. Making use of only a single set of antenna panels, the weight is drastically reduced with the benefit of a reduction in volume.


Lightweight High Resolution (1m) Satellite

Lightweight High Resolution (1m) Satellite

SCS100 is a lightweight high performance microsatellite that provides 1m resolution panchromatic and 4m resolution multispectral push-broom imaging.

High Performance (1m) Satellite

High Performance (1m) Satellite

The SCS-250 High-Resolution optical satellite imaging system optimally addresses the general requirements of cost-effective high-resolution imaging.

Very High Resolution (50cm) Satellite

Very High Resolution (50cm) Satellite

SCS450 is a very high resolution Electro-Optical imaging satellite solution that will satisfy the demanding needs of current and future earth observation missions.



DragonSAR is a novel modular Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite solution in collaboration with SSBV that can satisfy the demanding needs of current and future earth observation missions.